Kindle: Selling eBooks the Easy Way!

For the past month, or so, I have been focussing a lot more on the Kindle platform and I am pleased to report some success. This is still early days for me, but just to show you how I am doing, here are my stats for the last 30 days …

My Kindle Stats Nov 2014

All of the red dots are sales and the blue dots are downloads. You get paid either 35% or 70% royalties (depending on how you price your books) on every sale and you also get paid a smaller amount for every download, provided you allow your book into the Kindle Select program. The amount you get paid for downloads is not a fixed amount so it is not shown on the Kindle report below, but it usually amounts to somewhere between $1.50 and $2 per download.

Anyway, just to show you my income report for the past 30 days, here it is …

Kindle Sales Nov 2014

As you can see, I made sales in the US, UK, German and Canadian Amazon sites. Converting all of that to USD, the amount is:

69.74 + 15.76 + 6.96 + 6.14 = $98.60

Now that figure does not include the downloads and, from the above stats, I can see that I got 15 of them. Even working on the lower download amount ($1.50) that is at least an additional $22.50 so the total amount earned over the last 30 days is:

$98.60 + 22.50 = $121.10

You might be thinking that is not a lot of money but the good thing about it is that amount should be, roughly, the amount I will continue to earn every month from the effort I have put into writing for Kindle, so far. Of course, I will not leave things there. As I intend to gradually build a solid income from Kindle, I will be continuing to find profitable niches and writing Kindle books for those audiences.

Selling ebooks on Amazon is a lot easier than you might imagine for two very good reasons. Firstly, when a visitor initially finds your site on Google, they almost certainly have no intention of buying anything. But when a visitor finds your book on Amazon, it is an entirely different thing because the whole reason they are searching on Amazon is that they DO want to buy something. Secondly, Amazon do all of the marketing for you. So you don’t have to do any of the normal lead capture/autoresponder stuff you may be familiar with. Amazon actually promote your stuff and, if it sells, they actually move your product UP their rankings … not a bit like Google eh?

Of course it does not mean you can write anything and get it to sell. You need to do your market research and choose your subject well, but,as you can see from my early results, there is absolutely  no reason why you cannot succeed using this approach.

If you want to learn how I do my market research and choose my subjects, take a look here.

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My New Plan: Phase #3 Completed

White Dove Books

We now have a new header and colour scheme that I think brightens things up a bit. In addition, we added breadcrumb navigation to the top of posts/pages and removed post dates from download pages.

It is perhaps somewhat ironic that now that we have finished trying to attract traffic directly from Google that we have decided to rework our permalink structure. Ironic because it is usually done for SEO purposes.

In our case, we already had a ton of traffic (about 1.7 million visitors per year) so we did not want to tinker with anything that might adversely affect our rankings. Now that Google has done its worst with their Penguins and Pandas pecking away at the SERPS, we felt we could do it without worrying too much about the consequences.

Changing your permalink structure is not something to be undertaken lightly because you don’t want  all of your pages that are already indexed by Ms G to end up sending visitors to your 404 page! So, if you want to do this, there is a neat little tool I found that will automatically generate the rediect code you will need to insert into your server .htaccess file.

We are still working on the Newsletter. We now have the new responsive design in place for scheduled mailings, but we are still working on our blog broadcasts. This is important because we want the newsletter to look good on mobiles as well as other devices.

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