My New Plan: Phase #3 Completed

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We now have a new header and colour scheme that I think brightens things up a bit. In addition, we added breadcrumb navigation to the top of posts/pages and removed post dates from download pages.

It is perhaps somewhat ironic that now that we have finished trying to attract traffic directly from Google that we have decided to rework our permalink structure. Ironic because it is usually done for SEO purposes.

In our case, we already had a ton of traffic (about 1.7 million visitors per year) so we did not want to tinker with anything that might adversely affect our rankings. Now that Google has done its worst with their Penguins and Pandas pecking away at the SERPS, we felt we could do it without worrying too much about the consequences.

Changing your permalink structure is not something to be undertaken lightly because you don’t want ¬†all of your pages that are already indexed by Ms G to end up sending visitors to your 404 page! So, if you want to do this, there is a neat little tool I found that will automatically generate the rediect code you will need to insert into your server .htaccess file.

We are still working on the Newsletter. We now have the new responsive design in place for scheduled mailings, but we are still working on our blog broadcasts. This is important because we want the newsletter to look good on mobiles as well as other devices.

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My New Plan – Phase #2 Completed

After months of hard work in proofreading, purging and rewriting, we have now relaunched the White Dove Books site. The essence of the new approach is to provide a limited number of books as free downloads and provide the remaining books as low cost downloads. So, at present we have 13 free books and 47 paid downloads.

It has been a mammoth effort not just proofreading and rewriting but also in reformatting the books for PC, Apple and Kindle devices. I felt this was an important step because, clearly, the future of ebooks is bound up with the adoption of ereader devices such as Kindle so getting our books into Kindle format was really important.

At present, we have an introductory offer that allows people to get the whole collection at a great knock-down price. It is a genuine introductory offer that ends on 30th August 2014, After that, the special introductory price will no longer be available Рfull details of this excellent offer are here.

In addition to all of the above, our WordPress plugin has also been updated so our affiliates have the latest offer on their sites too. By the way, if you would like to become an affiliate, please click here to join the program. We have also redesigned the three sites (White Dove Books, MotivateTube and Monify Me) so that they display properly on mobile devices. And we have significantly improved the response speed of the White Dove Books site.

With the work on the main site now largely completed, out attention is on the Inspiration Newsletter, we are redesigning the look and feel to make it compatible with mobile devices too.

Phew! It has been a lot of hard work, but – hey – nothing ever worth accomplishing was done easily ;)

We are now in a very good place, I believe. We no longer care about Google; what they think or how they rank sites. We have stopped playing their game because they let us down! We were providing quality, as regular readers know very well, and they effectively reneged on the deal to reward us with traffic. That’s how we see it anyway.

It is still early days, but our new plan makes the site completely independent of Google as its main traffic source. That was the big lesson we learned this past year as a result of Google’s reworking of its ranking algorithm.

Of course, I’ll let you know how it all goes.

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