Our First Live Webinar

Yesterday was our first live Webinar at LoyaltePays. Heide, the owner of the site invited me to present and I was very pleased to accept. I have been an affiliate of the program since it started. Actually, I was one of the first – if not the first – affiliate for the program. So today, I thought I would make a quick video to let you know what we were discussing.

As you can see from the video, I have made $4689.49 from this one program, so far. But, more to the point, that income is residual and it is growing. The program allows you to earn money simply by giving away stuff – videos, eBooks, webinars, infographics etc. With the web in its current state of evolution, giving away free stuff is easy – think Twitter, Facebook , Linkedin etc.

The actual Webinar lasted for a full 90 minutes, so the video is just an overview to give you an idea of what we were covering. We will be hosting Webinars, like this, on a monthly basis. So, to ensure you get invited to future events, make sure you sign-up here – it’s free to join.

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2 thoughts on “Our First Live Webinar

  1. Angela Parish

    Hi, Will,
    Great webinar – I truly enjoyed it and learned a lot. There were quite a few people on the call and it was also good interacting with some of them.

    Looking forward to #2

  2. IanW


    I was one of the attendees (at the crack of dawn in Brisbane, Australia) and I would like to say that the webinar was most helpful.

    The key thing that I came away with (apart from the fact that it just works) is that it is the embedded affiliates links of OTHERS that is the core of the income stream.

    I have been asked a couple of times if everyone wins where is the income generated. I now have an answer.

    Finally it is enjoyable to have a means that generates an income but does not require you to ‘sell’ and otherwise pressure folk. Heidi deserves a medal for the idea.


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