How to Improve Your Alexa Rank

My main site has a genuinely good Alexa ranking. Simply because of the quality of the site and the organic traffic it attracts, it has been in the Alexa Top 100K sites for quite a number of years.

Today, I thought I would have a look at where the Monify Me site is in the Alexa rankings and see what I could do to improve it.

I am embarking on a little campaign to improve the site’s placement, partly for a bit of fun and partly because I want to explore ways of passing more traffic between my sites.

So, first off, I want to show you my current Alexa ranking. As you can see, this site, as of today, has achieved a rank of 702,374 … and that’s without trying …

Alexa Ranking

And here’s what I have done today:

1. Claimed my site at Alexa
2. Created a Custom Toolbar
3. Installed the Alexa Widget
4. Added the Alexa Extension for Chrome

The Alexa Widget is now installed in my sidebar, down at the bottom right. My plan is to leave things for a few months and then have another look at the rankings to see what the above has accomplished and, at that time, I’ll write another post to let you know.

Meanwhile, you can download our toolbar and get access to some great free downloads …

Click Here to download the Inspiration Toolbar – completely free!

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3 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Alexa Rank

  1. Malds

    I never really look at Alexa to be honest. I have it on my seo bar thingy on Firefox because it came with the PR checker plugin I downloaded but it’s just another bar to me.


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