Google is Now My Top Referrer!

Looking at my stats today, I was encouraged to see that Google has now overtaken the Warrior Forum as my top referrer.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Google is placed at #3 by my tracking plugin, but the first position is simply traffic pushed around the site by internal links and the second position in the table is occupied by my Newsletter which is produced by aggregating my RSS feeds via Yahoo Pipes.

Here’s my current traffic …

Google Referals

For anyone starting out, I wanted to show you how long it reasonably takes to start getting decent traffic from our good friend, Ms Google. This site has been live since September of 2012 so, as you can see, you need to be in it for the longer haul. In my case, we are looking at 7 full months for Google to become my top referrer.

Of course, it also illustrates that you can get quite decent traffic without Google Рin my case, forum marketing and Just Retweet have been doing a pretty good job for me.

My Top Recommendations

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