12 Online Tools I Absolutely Love

In this post, I thought I would put together a list of some of the most useful online tools that I actually use. There are some great sites here. Some of them just do one little job, but they are all really useful.

If you have any favourites that I have missed, please leave me a comment below and I will check them out and add the best ones to the list.

Topsy – There are many sites around the web that you can use for keeping an eye on the social media but I love this site. It enables me to, very easily, keep an eye on who is sharing my stuff.

Thumbalizr -There are times that I want to grab a screenshot of the whole page, rather than just what is in the browser’s viewable window. This site does a great job of that and provides the output in a variety of sizes too.

Easy Hyperlinks – This is such a simple site and so useful too. If you are like me, you can never quite remember the HTML or BBS code for a link. This site creates those links for you – very useful.

Mailto Encoder – This is great for creating a pre-filled email from a hyperlink. I have used it for ‘Tell-a-Friend’ links and I have the code installed in some of my books to allow people to send pre-written emails to their friends very easily.

Click to Tweet – This site enables you to create a hyperlink that will send a pre-written Tweet. Similar idea to the above, except using Twitter.

Free Books Section – A free WordPress plugin that adds content to your WordPress site and also earns you money via affiliate commissions.

HTML Tidy – As my original site was written in Frontpage and, later, Expressions Web, some of my pages had some pretty awful code in them. This site is useful for tidying up that code.

We Transfer – A very useful site for sending large files. Sometimes when people can’t seem to get a download to work, I have used this site to send over the files. Works really well.

Zamzar – A really useful site that will convert files to/from almost any format. The only thing I could see that it doesn’t handle is SWF – but it seems to do just about everything else.

PDF Escape – An online PDF editor. Have used it on a couple of occasions to quickly edit PDF files. A useful resource to have in the kit bag.

24 Time Zones – A world map showing time zones. I have to chat to people all over the world and this allows me to quickly see what time it is where they live.

What WordPress Theme is That? – This is a Great little tool and the title really says it all: you type in the URL of a WordPress blog and the site tells you what theme is being used.

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2 thoughts on “12 Online Tools I Absolutely Love

  1. Bruce Alan

    Hey Will, Great list, I also stumbled upon the “what W/P theme is that” tool when looking for top sites in a medical niche. Not only does it show you what w/p theme was used to create the site but also shows the plug-ins being used. Much to my surprise 3 of the top 5 sites were using w/p. It will also show the Joomla or Drupal platform.

    Thanks for your list


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